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Various Cape Town Musings
September 8, 2010, 7:29 pm
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So, I was lucky enough to go down to Cape Town last week for a long weekend jaunt in the Mother City. What does an iterant foodie do when confronted with such an opportunity? Eat out for every meal possible, of course. While I did do the traditional wander down Long Street with a marvellous mountain friend, buying myself some supremely hipster shoes and a lovely print, I spent the rest of my four days down indulging in food that only the Cape can offer. This being the case, I’m going to devote the next couple of posts to some unabashed food musing. Enjoy…

First off was a trip to San Julian, in the Green Point-ish area for some Mexican food. Now, for my sins I went to the States a while ago, and sampled what I assumed was some pretty authentic Mexican cuisine. I have done the Mexican Kitchen vibe in CT before, but I reckon you need more than a couple of margaritas to consume that much ersatz cheese in one sitting. San Julian, luckily, is a taco vendor of a very different nature. Accompanying the Avant Gardener and brothers for a quiet-ish night, we pretty much ordered the whole menu (not as intense as it sounds) and were all left mumbling in approval with full mouths. While refried beans, barbequed “meat” (no further explanation on the menu) and, of course, tacos, all featured prominently it was all rather delicious. Even the Avant Gardener, who opted for the vegetarian option, was tempted by various plates. A definite yes for this one: the tequila is varied, the tacos are made in front of you, and the waiter is supremely friendly. Do it.

After a leisurely breakfast with the AG at the Daily Deli in Tamboerskloof, I spent the afternoon book shopping and drinking lunchtime beer with the CT partner in crime. That afternoon, however, I ventured into the Gardens Centre, tempted by the promise of uniquely delicious patisserie delights at Cassis. I couldn’t have even imagined what was in store. Aside from the various bits and pieces that the AG and I ploughed through – with riffs on chocolate, praline, pistachio goodness and the like – we also got some macarons. Now, I made some recently, and ended up with a rather more rustic result, but these were truly little almond-y masterpieces on the saucer. I feel I should be doing some kind of penance for calling my creations ‘macarons’ in the face of this damning evidence, but such is life.

So – thusly ends the first instalment. Next on the agenda – a trip to Mama’s, the Biscuit Mill, pancake perfection and more. What fun…


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that taco place was superb … and the waiter super friendly. I think we know now his life story and route from peru to cape town.

cassis is amazing! those pastries were works of art. viva la french bakery 😉

Comment by smile

freshly made taco’s to order? bloody hell that sounds delish! i lurve mexican food, does anyone know of anywhere i can get the real deal in durban?

Comment by emme

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