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On the Virtue of Midweek Treats
August 22, 2010, 2:16 pm
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Now, working up where I do presents me with the most double-edged of swords. Every day, I schlep up from the coast to Kloof, to the Bellevue Campus, an exceptionally leafy little enclave just off Field’s Hill. Some usual business-y type companies are based here, along with a rather lovely little art gallery / curiosity shop and restaurant. While I successfully manage to resist the temptation to get lunch from the restaurant, despite the food being rather good (I’ve heard), they also have a delightful range of patisserie-type treats that are impossible to ignore.

My workmates and I usually resist the siren-song of baked goods until at least Wednesday, when willpower crumbles like the rather light pastry of these treats. I am a big fan of the chocolate and orange tarts, and the deliciously zesty pasteis de nata. This week I succumbed to a sinfully good almond tart, which sufficiently perked up the spirits to carry me through to the weekend. A kind of jammy amazingness binds the nutty insides of this delight, housed in crisp pastry and topped with chewy caramalised almonds. Altogether the last thing I actually needed to consume, but I am a firm believer in the virtue of the midweek treat. And anyway, there’s always gym to counteract the indulgence. In theory…


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if you like the almond topping idea you must try tosca cake. i made it for my ma’s birthday recently and i was AMAZING. the sponge doesn’t rise much, and it was divine with pouring cream. too good, i can’t wait to make it (and eat it!) again.

Comment by emme

I just looked up some recipes for tosca cake online, and it seems to be like a larger version of this tart. If is, in fact, the case, then I will *definitely* be making one in future. I must get your recipe and try it out…

Comment by chrisreidesq

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