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Salt and Pepper Calamari
August 15, 2010, 5:34 pm
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My parents have recently discovered an amazing new fishmonger in Durban North, under the Gourmet Burger Co. I have not yet ventured there, but they returned from there yesterday with an admirable haul, including some sinfully fresh tuna and Patagonian Calamari. Now, I have a love-hate relationship with calamari, and have been disappointed too many times by greasy, chewy morsels that don’t quite live up to their full potential. When it’s done well though, it’s one of the best dishes, I feel, and well worth a blog post. And that time is now…

This calamari was mercifully preprepared, and came washed, trimmed and the like, ready to be cooked. It takes minimal effort really – I merely dipped the calamari into some lightly beaten egg white, and then dredged in equal amounts of flour and cornflour that was liberally seasoned salt and black pepper. This being done, I simply deep-fried for the briefest two minutes – just until the rings rose up in the boiling oil. With a quick draining on some kitchen towel, it’s all ready to be plated up.

I quite like serving this with a squeeze of lemon juice and some fresh aioli. Alternatively, it’s also beyond delicious when accompanied by a Vietnamese-style dipping sauce (a recipe which I will one day blog). Crispy, salty, and deliciously moreish – nothing could be better really.


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the calamari, is like breaking through the blackness, like good food over bad food

Comment by brother 3

Matt, I love you dearly, but your comment seems to be channelling a Waste Land-era TS Eliot. Seek exorcism immediately.

Comment by chrisreidesq

I’m usually rather iffy about calamari, too, but I think this recipe could win me over…

Comment by Bridget McNulty

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