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Gnudi Descending a Staircase
July 27, 2010, 12:05 pm
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I am a sucker for gnocchi. I know that they’re usually an incredibly rib-stickingly heavy meal, especially when combined with a rather sinful blue cheese sauce, but I think food needs a certain amount of indulgence to be worthwhile. Even if only once in a while.

So, on one of those neverending Friday afternoons at work, when it feels like 5 o’clock is never going to come true, what did I find but a marvellous recipe for the heavenly lovechild of gnocchi and ravioli – be still my beating heart. It’s from the rather lovely Koek! blog, to which I would definitely recommend a visit.

Now, I had only ever attempted to make gnocchi on one rather abortive occasion. Needless to say, all I ended up with was a plate of terrifyingly dense and sticky potato bullets that were all but inedible. I decided to give it another chance with this recipe though – being devoid of potato, I thought it might have a different cooking karma around it.

It’s all easy enough to execute – wilt some spinach, then squeeze out the liquid and chop. When combined with some ricotta, flour, parmesan and egg, you’re left with a sticky-ish dough (I suppose it would be called). This is then deftly rolled out on a floured surface and chopped into little dumpling-ettes. With a brief boiling, and subsequent caress of napoletana sauce, they make for a marvellous dinner.

I can see myself doing this as a starter in future. You can make the gnudi in advance (I did for this) and just cook them up when you’re ready to eat. How lovely.


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Looks yummy brother. I shall endevour to make some of this so-called “gundi” soon.

Comment by Tim

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